Rochester Citizen Pruner


The City of Rochester, Minnesota is partnering with the University of Minnesota Forest Resources Department on the Citizen Pruners pilot program. Rochester was the first community to adopt this pilot program in 2013 and it has been growing ever since. Citizen Pruners are trained in tree identification, biology, and pruning techniques.Tree pruning requires not only and understand of how to prune but also an understanding of the tree's biology to prevent the spread of certain diseases. If you enjoy being outdoors, love trees and your community, this is an opportunity for you to get involved in your urban forest. Course material will be taught by University of Minnesota Forest Resources Department staff alongside the City of Rochester.

Citizen Pruners are responsible for submitting 10 volunteer hours a year and recertifying every 3 years.

New Field Form!

Attention Citizen Pruners of Rochester! There is a newPDF icon Field Form to use when pruning in your community. The new Field Form is meant to reflect the changes in data collection that the University of Minnesota is asking volunteers to report. Lucky for you, it consists of mainly checking boxes and providing a few details on who participated and when you were out pruning. Just don't forget to log your pruning data as a group and to have one group member report that information via the online reporting form or by scanning the original copies to If you have any questions regarding this change, do not hesitate to check in with the Volunteer Programs Coordinator.


Pruning Events

Currently, there are no pruning events scheduled at this time. If you are interested in completing some field work independently, please contact the Rochester Forestry Department at


Citizen Pruner Resources

Hopefully everyone who attended training still has their PDF icon Citizen Pruner Manual. If not, it is attached in case you need another look or have misplaced yours.