Tree Care Advisor

Emeritus Application

If you have been a TCA for 10 years or have completed 1,000 hours of volunteer work, you are eligible for this semi-active Emeritus status. If you are interested, please fill out and return the following application for review by program coordinators.

PDF icon Emeritus Status Application

Temporary Inactive Application

If you are seeking Temporary Inactive status as a TCA due to constraints in your life at this time, please fill out and return the following application for review by program coordinators.

PDF icon Temporary Inactive Status Application

About Tree Care Advisor

The Minnesota Tree Care Advisor program, founded in 1993, aids in the development of environmental stewards through education and promoting volunteerism.

TCAs receive their initial training through what is called “Core Course”, a total of 32 hours of education and hands on training. Each Core Course session is limited to 20 people, to ensure individualized attention. Every year after the core course, TCAs must complete 4 hours of education to affirm that TCAs are receiving the most up to date information on tree care. TCAs must also complete a minimum of 25 hours of volunteer work per year to maintain TCA status.


To learn more about becoming a TCA, click here!


Reporting Hours

Volunteer hours need to be reported by TCAs so that the program can continue to be funded and education hours need to be reported to continue as an active TCA. 

Volunteer hours include any time volunteered for a city, non-profit, or state organization that helps improve the life of a tree. This can include a range of activities from invasive removal to answering questions about tree pests. If you're really in question of whether it counts as TCA volunteer hours, ask other TCAs to see what they apply as hours, and if you're really in doubt, ask the TCA volunteer coordinator. 

Education hours include any time you attend a class, conference, trianing or workshop regarding tree care that is hosted by a reputable organization. This can include training opportunities provided by the Tree Care Advisor program, classes provided through non-profits, and classes through any college or university. All of these many be reported as long as their subject matter covers trees or urban forestry.

To report your hours, please fill out this form.


Updating Contact Information

As you know, people move, change cell phone numbers, create new (non-spam filled) e-mail accounts, etc. If you need to update your contact information so I can keep you a part of the TCA Newsletter and on our e-mail list, please fill out your new information in our Contact Information Update Form. This will help program coordinators stay up to date on your information so you can receive the information that you need to participate easily! If you have any questions, please contact